What the ScotLIS website can tell you and how we plan to develop it in the future

BETA This is a new service – your feedback will help us to improve it.

What is ScotLIS?

ScotLIS is a search tool for looking up property data on the land register.

ScotLIS allows everyone to access publicly available data about land and property directly from the land register.

Now ScotLIS lets you quickly and easily find out

  • the date a property was last sold
  • how much it sold for
  • whether the property is registered in the land register or not
  • what the property's title number is
  • the boundaries of the property on an Ordnance Survey map

It can help you research the boundaries of your own property, see if you share areas with your neighbour or check the boundaries of properties you'd like to purchase.

This is the beginning of a comprehensive service that will eventually allow easy access to a wide variety of data held by public sector partners.

Over time we'll be adding more information to help you research areas you might want to move to, or get official documents for your own property.

Find out how the land registers work and why they are important to the Scottish economy at Registering Scotland's land.

ScotLIS service for business users

We offer an enhanced, paid for service aimed at legal and conveyancing specialists. Read about ScotLIS for business users.