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What you can do next

Once you've found the property you're looking for your next step might be to order copies of official documents from Registers of Scotland.

You'll need to do this if you want to

  • find out information on a property with no results
  • get written evidence of what you or your neighbour owns
  • find out if you share parts of your property with a neighbour
  • find out who is responsible for maintenance and up-keep of shared areas
  • get a precise outline on a map of the property's boundaries
  • find out whether the property is recorded on the Land or the Sasine register

What you'll need to provide

If you know the title number, and you're looking for documents that shows ownership, it will probably mean it's on the Land Register. You should fill in our Copy deeds request form.

If you don't have a title number you'll need to fill in an Ownership search form, and give us other details about the property, for instance the subject (full address and postcode), parties (owners), date sold, and any other details you have.

How to request copies of property documents

There are two ways to request copies – a copy deeds request and an ownership request – depending on

  • what type of information you're looking for
  • what details you can provide in order for us to be able to search on the registers
  • which register the property is on

What is a title number?

Every property is assigned a unique code, called a title number. Only properties that have transferred to the Land Register have title numbers.

If it's possible for us to display the title number, it will appear in the ScotLIS property results. Using the title number is the quickest way to request documents.

Who can request information?

Scotland's property registers are public and open to everyone. Anyone can make a request to Registers of Scotland for copies of documents, whether it's for your own property or someone else's.

What are the Land and Sasine registers?

The Sasine Register is the original and oldest of the two property registers and is a register of property deeds dating back over 400 years. Many of the records in it are hand written. The Land Register is a map-based register of property titles, introduced in 1981 to replace the Sasine Register. Read more about the history of the registers.

Search sheets

The search sheet is a chronological list of deeds recorded against a property or area of land. Once you have the search sheet, you can order any of the deeds noted on it. It's possible that a plan will be attached to one of the deeds but we can't guarantee this. If you wish, you can request a new plan but we recommend you do that through a conveyancing solicitor.

Title sheets

If the property you're searching for is in the land register you will be able to order a copy of the title sheet which will provide information on ownership, any rights and burdens on the property and any loans against the property.


For a plain copy of a title sheet where you are able to tell us the title number, the charge is £16 + VAT. For an extract of a title sheet, the charge is £30 + VAT.

For a search and plain copy of a title sheet where you are unable to tell us the title number, the charge is £20 + VAT. For a search and extract of a title sheet, the charge is £50 + VAT.

If you need official documents to use in a legal case, request an extract or a certified copy of the documents.

Charges and payment methods are explained on the Registers of Scotland fees page. We will send an invoice with the full amount along with the requested documents.

Types of documents you might receive

Title deed which includes

  • the last date sold
  • the price
  • who owns it
  • either a title plan or a written description of the property
  • any rights and conditions of ownership (for example shared or common areas, who is responsible for maintenance or access rights)

It might also include

  • the mortgage and the lender details
  • title sheet (if the property is on the Land Register)
  • an application record if a property is in the process of changing hands
  • a search sheet (if the property is on the Sasine Register)

We won't be able to supply copies of documents if a property is not registered in either of the registers (for instance property passed down through families for generations)

How long will it take?

An ownership searches and copy deed requests take 2 - 5 working days. How quickly you receive the documents depends on

  • how much information you can supply about the property
  • which register it is included on
  • how many different documents there are
  • if physical documents are stored in the National Records of Scotland

As a general rule the more information you have about a property, the quicker we can help you.

Request a new plan

Some properties don't have a plan showing the property on a map. If you need a new plan to be created from scratch Registers of Scotland offers a comprehensive plan assistance service. We recommend you seek help from a solicitor, as this requires specialist conveyancing skills.

If you have questions

Find out how you can contact our Customer Service team.