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Why do I get lots of results when I search for a property?

Not enough information to search with

If you've searched with only part of an address or postcode, your search is probably too broad. For example if you search with only a street name, the results will include everything in that street. If so you'll need to do some research to see if you can find the exact address or the full postcode.

You can also try adding more detail to your search, for example add a postcode to an address you're searching for.

Check the Royal Mail website to find the full address.

The property is in a block of flats

If you're searching for a flat in a block you might get the results for all of the flats in the block. There are several ways that flat numbering works across Scotland which makes it quite difficult to make the search work consistently for every case. Click on each one until you find the one you're looking for.

Sometimes the data we hold on a block of flats is incomplete, depending on what's been registered. This can make it difficult to present the exact details you're looking for. Our customer service team can help you with a more detailed search.

One postcode covers multiple properties

It's possible that multiple houses can have the same postcode, especially in rural areas, for example where there's no street address. You can ask our customer service team to carry out a more comprehensive search.