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Help & guidance

What property documents will I receive when I buy?

Title sheet

The title sheet is the official document that we provide relating to a particular property. It may contain some or all, of the following:

  • property description
  • registered owners
  • securities or charges against the property
  • burdens or responsibilities

To find out more visit what is a title sheet?

Title plan

The title plan shows the position and boundary of registered properties. The title plan is based on the Ordnance Survey map.

ScotLIS provides PDF copies of the title sheet and the title plan.

Please note: no historical documents (eg search sheets) will be provided when purchasing a title sheet and plan. If you require assistance, please contact the Property Information Team at Alternatively, you can also call our Customer Services Centre on 0800 169 9391.

What if a property is on the older sasines register?

If a property is in the sasine register and a property help request or land title investigation is therefore requested, a copy of the register entry called a search sheet is provided. The search sheet is a chronological list of deeds recorded against a property or area of land. Please note: Sasine search sheets cannot currently be ordered directly on ScotLIS.

The search sheet shows the list of deeds which can be ordered at an additional fee. It is possible that a plan may be attached to one of the deeds but regrettably there is no guarantee of this.

Applications awaiting registration on the land register

If a title has a pending application awaiting registration on the land register we provide a copy of the application record to show details of the title holder. The application record provides details of the title holder, the date the application was received, the status of the application, any consideration paid, title number, applicant name, granter name, property address and deed type.

The application record does not contain plans. Copies of any deeds on the application record can be ordered for £25 plus VAT per deed. It is possible that a plan will be attached to one of the deeds but regrettably there is no guarantee of this.

In relatively few cases the titles lie in registers not accessible to Registers of Scotland staff where it is possible to provide direction, we shall. If we are unable to supply a search sheet, application record or deeds then no fee will be raised.

What information is publicly available on ScotLIS?

We collect and use the names and addresses of the buyers and sellers of properties and the price paid. For example, if you are buying a property, you can check that the person selling it is the registered owner.

We are required under the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012 to make the information on the land register publicly available.

To find out more about how we collect and use personal information, see our privacy policy