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Help with identifying a property

How we can help

We'll check to see if we can find the property you are looking for and get back to you.

What you'll get

We'll send you an email to let you know what we discover. Where the property has an address, our team will respond to you within 2 working days.

Does the property have an address?

By submitting this form, our support team can help you find a property with an address, such as a house or other building.

If you are looking for the ownership of an area of land, such as a field, access path, ruin, road, forestry, woods, garden ground, etc., which does not have a full postal address, you can search by map to identify registered titles.

If you wish to proceed directly to an ownership search for an area of land then please use our searching the map.

Provide details about the property you want to identify

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    If you are looking for an area of land or building that does not have a postal address, please search using the map and submit a request using the map based form.

    Your details

    Our search team may find the property you are looking for is not on the land register and is recorded in the older sasine register. If this is the case, the minimum cost for this search will be £30.00 plus VAT. If the fees are greater, we will email you before proceeding.

    Do you accept the costs?

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